Wild Boar

This little piggy went to market....Here are some of the wild hogs we are trapping on our farm. They are gorging on oak mast. We are having them processed and they will go to our restaurant customers and Farmer's Markets. We will also be making sausage and other charcuterie from them.


Texan Pioneer Pigeons   

  Our pigeons were developed right here in Texas. They are sex linked so the males and females have different colored plumage. This is a real benefit since pigeons are difficult to pair up for breeding. They are identical in appearance. These are a large breed that produces two 1.25 lb squabs 6-8 times per year. Their diet is a variety of grains and legumes along with sprouts and some of our custom lay ration. We breed them in colonies with 8-10 pairs per enclosure.


 Embden Geese

  Our Embdens are a large heritage breed developed in Germany in the 1700s. They grow very fast, utilize pasture for 80% of their diet, and reproduce naturally. They are raised, with our ducks, on our 1 acre pond and graze throughout the farm on green pasture. They are leaner than duck but have a similar depth of flavor. We smoke them whole and they make a fabulous holiday dinner. You can also remove the breasts and use them as you would a fine steak, and use the legs and thighs for confit or sausage.

  . They are fed a certified organic diet free of antibiotics and hormones and are supplemented with sprouted grains to further enhance their flavor. We custom process all our birds on the farm using our State licensed butcher shop. We do it all, one at a time, using sanitary methods so we don't have to put chemicals on them, like most processors must. We control all aspects of their production to insure you receive the finest poultry available for you and your family.


Asian bl chickens.png

Asian Black Chicken

As the name implies, these birds have black skin, bones, and grayish flesh. The breed is referred to as Silkie chickens. They have an extra toe on most birds and their feathers have no structure so that they appear as hair or fluffy feathers. The females all have fuzzy topknots that look like a pompom on their head.

  Black chickens take 4-5 months to reach harvest size so most producers don't want to bother with them. They have a slightly gamier taste than regular chickens and roam far and wide so have greater muscle development and muscle equals taste. The Chinese consider them to have medicinal properties and research shows them to have 2-4 times the carnosine found in most chicken. Since they are older birds, they are best used for soups, stews, or braised dishes. One of our customers browned the legs and thighs and then braised them in red wine with onion and garlic; they were a big hit.